, Nina Hristozova

Nachwuchs U15 Saisonbericht 2021/22

U15: Season 2021/2022 Highlights
Our LK Zug lion cubs reached a number of milestones this year. The biggest of which was that we entered the season with 12 individual players and completed it with a team.
Bellow is a summary of how our girls achieved this:
Playing Competitively
For the first time in the history of the team, our U15 Nachwuchs wore the LK Zug Volley Blue & White Spieltshirts and participated in competitive  tournaments throughout the season. One could see their spirit and love for volleyball during those games. Thanks to their perseverance and dedication, the little lions managed to defend their place in 2. Liga throughout the whole season. We are all very excited for the new season to start
Guest Player: Setter Training
As we all know - setting is a key skill to have in any volleyball team. For the U15 tournaments it is highly important that every player in the team can set due to the nature of their rotation. And setting has proved to be the most challenging skill for our team to acquire. Therefore, in February, we invited a guest coach - Lukas Hotz (our club’s President and H1 Setter). He prepared an intense setter-specific training, which everyone in the U15 enjoyed very much. And btw, Lukas - the team is requesting that you visit us again. ;)
New Friends from Kanton Uri
It seems like the tournaments throughout the year were not enough game play for our lion cubs as they wanted to play more. And of course the coach obliges. In March, the team organised a friendly tournament against and with VBC Fortuna Burglen. We split the day in 2 halves - in the morning the two teams played against each other and in the afternoon, we mixed the two teams and formed new ones. And it seems like we will be doing this again next year.
Welcoming new Players
A number of our girls will have to move to the next age group, which leaves our team with open spaces to fill in. New players are very welcome - we have a try out training on June 1 2022.
Nina Hristozova
Trainerin U15 Nachwuchs