Herren Plausch

Team Men Plausch Basic

We are a group of volleyball enthusiasts (mixed) that come together every Monday 8-10 pm in the Riedmatt sportshall to train and play. Our trainer Ben achieves a great balance regarding moderate stamina exercises, standard gameplay situations and fun at free gameplay.

Team Men Plausch Advanced 

We are a group of volleyball enthusiasts (mixed) at advanced level that come together every Thursday 8-10 pm in the Riedmatt sportshall. Our trainer Ben has a wide variety of exercises to keep us fit and constantly improve our technique. We participate in the Plausch league where we have about 10 matches per season at home or in the close neighboring region.


Montag, 20:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr, Riedmatt

Donnerstag, 20:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr, Riedmatt


Benjamin Jost
Christoph Beck


Herren Plausch Saisonbericht 2019/20
, Christoph Beck
A great season with a sudden end! Congratulation to trainer and team for the sixth title in a ro...

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Team 2021/22

Nach ihrem 5. Saisonssieg in Folge 

Hinten: Claus, Rolf, Janine, Ben, Brynjar
Vorne: Christoph, Morteza
Fotos: Alex, Ali, Jakub