, Christoph Beck

Herren Plausch Saisonbericht 2019/20

A great season with a sudden end! Congratulation to trainer and team for the sixth title in a row!  Summary: we had an exciting season with a lot of fun, close matches, injuries, and the obligatory roulette on players. What has not changed was our motivation to train regularly and play every single match with passion.

Big thanks to Rolf and Janine, although injured you came to all our matches to support us as referee, scorer, or supporter… Big thanks also to the players who came to support us for our home games; Peter, Lukasz, Ashraf, and more. Last but not least: thank you very much Franco for being our official referee.

We started the season without our setters and new players Mia, Kai, Marco and Roberto, but managed to get organized quickly and performed well in our first match against Tranquilo Buttisholz. Important to mention that Tranquilo is one of the best teams in the league. After losing 22-25 on the first set, we focused on our strength – to support each other and play as a team – and finished with a strong 3-1 victory.

In the following matches in 2019 against Zenit Lunki, Yellow Baar, Twister Steinhausen, Fides Ruswil we grew to a performing team and, although sometimes tight, haven’t lost a set.

After Christmas we were excited to start the second part of the season and to meet our preferred team Tranquilo. After a great power beer (thank you Kai), we were ready to play, but team spirit did not work very well that night. For some reason we were not able find each other on the court and lost 3-1. Not the best action to present the team to our new player Marco. However, we are good losers and shared a beer with our opponent after the game.

After this wakeup call we worked hard to regain our confidence. Motivation and spirit of all players lead to increased quality of Monday’s training. It is never easy to deal with different skill levels, but with Bens experience, the always well prepared training and never ending exercises, our drill sergeant Ben has nearly been pleased.

In the following matches against Zenit Lunki, Yellow Baar, Twister Steinhausen, Fides Ruswil we won all residual matches, but gave away two more sets.

A week after our last match the season 2019/2020 suddenly ended due to Corona. The table shows our leading position and that there’s no chance to become second.

The statistics show the court time in sets and indicates that the team has a healthy setting.

The stats also show that all players have a high court time, what we consider as important for a plausch team.

Our trainer Ben is well satisfied: “Thank you team for your effort and I hope you are all safe at home waiting for the beach volleyball season. I hope to see you all next year for a new challenge.”

The team is satisfied indeed and thanks Ben for being our trainer and drill sergeant. The team is looking forward to train as soon as possible, in the hall or under the free sky. We’re excited to start the new season in the autumn.