, William Grunte

Bericht U16 Turnier Zürich 21.11.21

The gym was great, there was a lot of space and the roof was good. I think everyone was stressed at the beginning, but everyone did well. All of the opponents were respectful and the matches were really fun.

In the second game we played, we played well in the first set, but a lot of serves were missed. I think that if we hit in all of our serves we could have won that first set. Even though there are 12 of us, everyone got to play at least one set every match, which I think is good, since having to sit on a bench for a whole game can make you want to help the team and play. This is also good since everyone who has not played as much gets to get a feel of what it is like to play in a real match compared to normal training.

Our first match was against Volley Muri Bern 1. We won the first set, but we played with too much confidence, and that I think helped the Muri Bern 1 team win the second set. The third set we one substantially by 12 points. Our second match was against the TV Muttenz Volleyball team 1. We lost both sets, though I believe that we could have won at least one set if we got all of the serves in. In the third game, we played against Volley Mutschellen Mixed 1. We won the first and third sets. The game was different from the first two since they hit the ball back more spontaneously and there were fewer attacks. The last game was against VBC Merenschwand-Muri 1. It was a close game with us winning both sets at 25 to 19 and the second set at 25 to 17.

William Grunte, U16 Junior