Herren Plausch Saisonbericht 2018/19

2018-2019 season started with 2 new players from Afghanistan Ali and Rahmat which made our team even more international (Swiss, Afghanistan, Italy, Island, Germany, France, Poland, Brazil, Austria).

Monday’s training several new players also join the club, which make our session more hallenging. (Ali Rizai – Ashraf Dowlati – Phil Wiki – Ziaii Panji). The combination of the 2 training session (Monday “ Fun” – Thursday “ Team Easy League”) make 17 motivated volleyball players. Of course, some former Monday’s players club members continued to play since year’s, Victor Ehrenbold – Peter Aschwanden and Dario Witzig that always bring warm welcome to new players. It is not always easy to mix so many different levels during our Monday’s training session but months after months, we can see improvement from each individual players. We prepared our season in Pfäffikon with this pre-season tournament 4-5 leagues level volleyball tournament that we won twice already. Always a good fun and good preparation after the summer beach volleyball break.

The season started with a 3-0 win in Ruswil, after our first traditional Power Beer prior the game the full team was excited for our first game of the season. The 2nd game was a home game; Schenkon the young team did not manage to enter to the game, with a good pressure from the beginning to the end, gave a straight win 3-0 within an hour time. The 3rd game in Baar was our first difficult game, in small and cold sport hall the battle started with a very tight 1st set (25-27). The pressure from yellow Baar on the 2nd set was too much for us. After a few changes, the 3rd set we did not start very well after a 6-1 lead Yellow Baar sealed the set 25-17. On the 4th set, we did not have any choice to fight very hard for every single points – In a very tight set, again we managed to win 27-29 that gave us the chance to play the 5th set. Both teams played very well but again in a very close set we got the victory with a 13-15.
The rest on the 1st round game went quiet well with a 3-0 win against our rival Steinhausen and easy win in Lunkhofen. Last game of the 1st round against Tranquilo give us a little bit of work but a 1-3 win was the result. Before the 2nd round we had already a good option to finish first of the league again.
The second parts of the season have been great too. Despite the departure of one of our new player Ali that wanted to invest his time for football and our main middle hitter Clauberson out for the rest of the season due to medical reason we kept the same spirit. Our goal was to win the league again. Our return game at home against Ruswil was a bit more complicated that the game away. Ruswil came with a better team and with the intention to beat us. They took us a set but we won 3-1. A very good battle against Yellow Baar at home and Steinhausen away with a 3-1 victory in both games gave us already the security to finish top of the league. Our last 2 games were really fun with our guest player Mia and our setter Janine we won our last 2 games with 2 women in the men’s league. The last game against Tranquilo was really fun and friendly; Tranquilo is the best team we played against this year. After a 3-1 win we shared a drink together with Tranquilo to close the season 2018 -2019.
Our 5th title in Easy League, congratulation to the whole team that supported the coach!

Thank you for all players from Monday’s and Thursday’s that deal with an always unsatisfied coach, demanding more and more and only see mistake :-)
I will take care of the team again next year with a new challenge for the Easy league Team and a special focus on Monday’s players.
Let’s enjoy our rest of the season indoor until end of June and many good summer volleyball tournaments but be ready after the summer holidays for more volleyball.

– Ben, Coach

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