, Nina Hristozova

Bericht Nachwuchs U15 Turnier 14.11.2021 "I’ll be there for you"

"I’ll be there for you" - And our LK Zug lion cubs did it again!

And our LK Zug lion cubs did it again! - this Sunday they woke up at 06:30 and travelled to Buttisholz to face their new opponents in 2. Liga. It was a long day for our cubs - they had more opponents than before (5 teams in total), but that didn’t scare them at all, quite the opposite - they were happy that they get to play more.

Our cubs won one of the games 2:1, lost one 2:0 and took a set from every other opponent, where the 3rd sets were really, really close -- 14:16 and 16:18. So, our cubs took 4th place in the tournament!

They used the time between their games very productively. During the first half of the day they were accumulating new cheer ideas such as “Vamos, niñas!” and “Potato!”, but at the end “L - K -- Zuuuug” was closer to their hearts. Then in the second half of the day they made new friends - the teams from Buttisholz, they organized a mini game between the two teams and for the last game we had new fans.

Our LK Zug cubs showed great team spirit and that they have such amazing potential as a team - being there for one another.

From a technical perspective - their annahm and verteidigung got better and better, they were using 3 touches more and we barely had any serves that didn’t go in. Our next focus is transition footwork for attack and letting the setter know who is ready.

We are looking forward to seeing what the next tournament will teach us. Stay tuned!