, Nina Hristozova, Patrick Frei

Bericht Junioren U18 Turnier 31.10.2021

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Seengen (Aargau) our courageous LK Zug U18 Jungs walked into their very first tournament of the 2021/2022 season. 
The first game for the day was against Seetal. Both teams started nervously, but over time, Zug became more and more stable, they developed more pressure on the opposing team and managed to take both matches - 25:18 and 25:21.
The next opponent was Steinen. The LK Zug Jungs approached the match with more confidence this time and improved their play, finishing the match with a final score of 25:10 and 25:15. 
In the 3rd game the LK Zug Jungs were facing a well-known opponent - Rohrdorf-Mellingen. Needless to say it was a game filled with emotions (mostly coming from the other team). But our Jungs kept their cool, concentrated and took both sets -- 25:21 and 25:14.
In the last game they played against a much younger and smaller team - Baden. And you know what they say: “Do not underestimate your opponents!”. Baden fought bravely. However, our boys prevailed and took the match 25:21 and 25:9.
Throughout the games we saw teamwork, fair play, and dedication to the sport. Their hard work at the trainings paid off.
And this is how on this beautiful Sunday afternoon our resilient LK Zug U18 Jungs walked out winners of their very first tournament of the 2021/2022 season.
Well done boys! - we are very proud of you. You are setting the bar very high. However, that does not mean that we will go easy on you in the upcoming trainings. ;)