, Claude Gasser

Bericht Junioren U16 Turnier 24.10.2021

Lk Zug Volleyball Tournament Experience 24/10/2021
Today LKZug went to their first tournament of the season. The whole team was bursting with with excitement, while preparing mentally and physically for the games to come.

The first game was against Volley Emmen-Nord The other team had some very strong players but it became a one sided game due to the hard effort and coordination of the LK Zug volleyball team. LK Zug won 2 sets in a row making them the winners of the game.

The next game was against Marenschwand. LK Zug were confident but not too confident because the team knew if you underestimate the opposing team, they would lose. This game was even more one sided than the first one. The LK Zug Volleyball team won there second game. The team was bursting with excitement and pride of the glory they earned through the hard effort they put into the game but the team new that this isn’t a time to celebrate because they knew the last 2 games will be very challenging to beat.

The third game was against SG Rohrdorf-Mellingen. They were the second strongest team playing in the tournament. Both sides played as good as they could but LK Zug lost the game it brought a bit of silence to the team but also inspired them to train harder after the tournament so that they can beat them next time.

The Final game was against TSV Jona Volleyball. Jona was the strongest team at the tournament. They outsmarted the LK Zug Volleyball team but the team still had a chance of winning. The team put all of their training to the limits and pushed as hard as they could to try turn the game around. Sadly this never happened. LK Zug played very well on their first tournament of the season but the team learnt that there is still a lot of space for improvement.

What the team learnt from this tournament is that they will need to train even harder and fix their movements on the field because it looked very messy and unorganized at a distance. The team will work with even harder and with the passion that has been lit after the tournament, the team will be pushing their limits to reach the skies.