Meggen Game Report

Team: Viktor – Janine – Fabi – Christoph – Christian – Rolf – Claus – Ben

Our last game of the season was just a bonus – A guest players Viktor wanted to play this special game as he wanted to take an old revenge. The first set we showed our intention to Meggen and won the set 25-16. But we were not playing at 100 % yet! For the second we played a solid game and won 25 -10. The third set our concentration came down but we sealed it 25-19.

Thank you to the whole team which made very good progress during the whole season. Our game is very stable compared to last year, even with new players we manage to play as a team. We are looking forward for the second round; we are playing for another success and will train hard to finish 1st again.

Also thank you to our referee Franco who supports us during this season again.

Thank you to the supporters which came to our last game we really did appreciate.

Ben, Coach

Midterm Results

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