Match Report Tranquilo vs LKZ Men Plausch

Sets played: 21-25 /25-12 /21.25 /20.25
Team: Didi – Janine – Brynjar – Christoph – Christian – Rolf – Claus – Ben

Our 10th game vs Tranquilo in the second round did not reflect our previous performance. From the warm up I could feel the team was not there and was not ready to fight. Consequentially, the 1st set started with ups and downs. We could not play our game and Tranquilo played solid and made us work more to score a point. We managed to win the set 25-21 but we were not happy with our volleyball.
We started with a poor spirit in the 2nd set and Tranquilo got a lead by 10 points. Our reception and attacks were very unstable and our team started to shake… we lost 25-12.
In the 3rd set we reacted and played a little better, but with a great defense Tranquilo pushed us to our limits. With the experience of last few years we managed to get the set 25 -21.
The 4th set was just a replicate of the 1st and 3rd set and we won it 25-20.
This game has been a warning to us and we should not go for a game thinking we will win anyway, for the next game we will play our derby against Steinhausen which is on top of the league with the set difference with 6 points.
I am sure that our team will react and will be focused and ready for this game, a victory would be a very big step to be champion again ☺
Now we have our Winter break, I hope the whole team will find a way to stay fit and prepare for the next training 23 Feb 2017.
But congratulation to the team to win again and let’s do it again vs Steinhausen ☺
Ben, coach

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