Match report Steinhausen vs. LK Zug men plausch

Date: 2 March 2017
Team: Didi – Janine – Christian – Claus – Rolf – Christoph – Ben
Result: LKZ – Steinhausen 25-16 / 13-25 / 18-25 /25-19 /13 15

This game was the game which would assure our first place for the 2nd round of the season. Steinhausen did very well beating Ruswil and Yellow Baar by 3 sets to null in previous games. They came motivated and with intention to make us play our best volleyball. From our side the warm up was weak and we didn’t show Steinhausen what we can. However we started the first set with ups and downs but we always kept them away from us and closed the 25-16.
The second set was unreal! Steinhausen defended very well and we were not able to play our game. Our attacks were going out or in the net and with our poor defense we droped the set badly 25-13.
The 3rd set we were still shocked from this result and Steinhausen won again 25-18.
We did not know what to change to get ourselves back on track, but for some reason we started strong on the 4th set and lead 9-2. But again Steinhausen catched up 18-18 but we managed to kill the set 25-19, giving only 1 point after the last time out.
Finally the 5th killer set came to be reality … our first 5 sets game of the season. We started again badly and quickly lost three points, but came back and got the lead 8-7. Steinhausen believed a bit more and finally won 15-13.

Disappointment that we were not able to find the key to beat our rival we gave a away our first game. For sure we will all learn from this game and we will be stronger next year.

I want to say thank you again to Franco for his commitment as a referee and also to all new players from our Monday session training which came to support us. They had a big game full of emotions over 5 sets.

Ben, coach.

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