Halloween Volleyball Tournament Report

Halloween Volleyball Tournament Report

Team: Janine – Christian – Andrea – Chrigi  and Andrea ( Women Plaush LKZ)
Place: Baar
Team Name : Tip Top

We were all excited to meet on Saturday afternoon  for the night volleyball  Halloween tournament in Baar.

We played well during the pool and qualified for the main tournament , finishing first of our group D. The level in the second team was of course more challenging.

The first game went pretty good and won 2 sets, then we were waiting for the last 2 games which would decide our ranking in this group.

The second game we had a really bad start and were leaded 16- 8 but Christian had a fantastic blocking run  … 5 blocks in the raw ….what a game! We finally go the first set 25-22. The second set were easier and won it.

Our last game of the pool was against the strongest team of the group, again we started too slow and lost the set 25 – 17. The final was going away from us…After changing a few things for the second set we manage to won it 25-13 but with the point difference we were heading to the small final to play for the 3rd place.

As a team we won the small final  2-0 to finish 3rd of the whole tournament – congratulation to our team and rendez vous on 7 November for another challenge in Eschenbach … Let’s go Tip Top !

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