Halbzeitbericht Herren Plausch

Half Season 2015 Matches Report Men Plausch
Below are the teams qualified for the top second round !

LKZ Zug  – Lunkhofen
Team: Janine – Andrea -Claus – Christian -Rolf – Brynjar – Xavi & Ben
25- 16                25-15                25-22

The game vs Lunkhofen was a replicate of others games, after a slow start the machine LKZ started to work out and we won the 1st set  25-16. The second set was even easier and won it 25 – 15. The 3rd set we lost a bit of motivation as the opposition was too low but we closed the game 25-22

Weggis – LKZ Zug
Team: Andrea -Claus -Rolf – Brynjar – Xavi – Dario – Didi
The first upset of the year with a 3-0 defeat !
25 -22           25-20           25 -19

In the first and second set we were leading by 5 points, but after a few service mistake, attack and defence Weggis came stronger to won both sets. Weggis had a solid defense and made less silly mistake that us. The 3rd set Weggis closed the game by playing a good volleyball level ….
This game gave us something to think about for the rest of the season, as before this game we lost only 1 set and the opposition we had was weak. Now we know what we need to achieve to compete with the top table.

Yellow Baar  – LKZ Zug
Team: Janine – Andrea -Didi – Christian -Rolf – Christoph & Ben
25-22                25-12                27-29                26-24

After the last game vs Weggis our determination to win this game was strong ! After a very good start on the first set  we were leading by 6 clear points – But Yellow Baar came back point per point to finally catch us up! The pressure started to be felt on our side and we gave away the set 25 -22.
The second set followed the end of the first set, we could not find solution to score point …. All our attempts in attack did not work, Yellow Baar’s defense and block came over us, our reception and defense were really bad and we lost the set 25-12.
The 3rd set we had no choice to give all we had left to come back to the game… After a very good start again and leading by 5 points, Yellow Baar came back same as the first set but we managed to win this set 29-27.
The spirit of the team came back and the 4th set started very well, with a 7 clear points lead we were on position to win the set but again Yellow Baar come back. We had one rotation which did not work so well and we lost too many points.
Both teams were fighting point per points at 20 -20 , but Yellow Baar had the last word and won 26-24

So this is our second upset of the season, due to the calendar of the season and the school holidays the lack of training is clearly one of the reason. We need to rework our defense system and attack …. furthermore, the small sport hall did not help and too many service error during this game may cost us also the victory!

Our last game of the season is taking place next week against Meggerhorru. We should be able to win as they lost all games and did not win a set yet.

We will come stronger for the second round to win the league!

Thanks to all the team for the game effort – Now see you next week for the last game of the first round.

Following our a quick and slow snippet of our last game :-)

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